So here’s the back story. A few months ago during a Will Farrell Reddit AMA, a fan brought up the fact that the funny man looks like Chad Smith, the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The two then engaged in some “internet beef” (
before finally agreeing to a “drum off” on the Tonight Show.

Its actually amazing how much the two look alike (especially when dressed alike), but I’ll say this…One of the reasons why I like Kimmel more than Fallon is because this is a perfect example how Fallon always cracks and turns into a fan boy during interviews. Yes its funny SOMETIMES, when you break character to laugh, especially during something as hilarious as this was. But to me its become so predictable that Fallon almost…ALMOST gets in the way of this bit. But in the end, Will Farrell is just soooooo good and this is just a great reminder of how funny he can be. Enjoy their discussion prior to the “drum off” in which they talk about their “beef”.


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