This was actually pointed out to me a few days ago by one of my friends. He simply asked if I had seen the Clipse interview on CNN. I said no, but asked what exactly it was about and my boy’s response was simply…”naw, I’m gonna let you watch it for yourself”

Now normally I would do a full write up on what this interview is about. But I honestly found that I enjoyed it so much more, because I had no idea where it was going.
Full disclosure I love the Clipse and I love Pusha T (as mentioned in our 2013 Hip Hop Album of the year review: ) I left a bar during the 3rd Quarter of the Super Bowl (thanks Peyton), because Pusha T was performing down the street. And loved every single second of the King Push show. The only thing that was weird was Push performing the group’s biggest hit “Grindin”, without his brother Malice. I’ve heard the rumours of why they aren’t together and of course the endless rumours of them getting back together. So for me, this interview was a wheelhouse must watch, as it cleared a lot of things up. And so that’s why I think my boy just simply said “I’ll let you watch it for yourself.

If you’re familiar with The Clipse then this is a must watch, as it goes into detail as to why the group is no longer together. But even if you are unfamiliar with their music or with rap music in general, this is an inside look in to the world of the Thornton Brothers. A world that included drugs, guns, money and women, but most importantly in the end…brotherly love.

As always, just my thoughts. Right or wrong, just what I’m feeling at the time.


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