To be honest, I didn’t know much about John Legend other than the fact that he can really REALLY sing. He plays the piano, is a Grammy Award winner (9 to be exact) and that he’s married to SI model and twitter all-star Chrissy Teigen (if you don’t follow her, you should. She’s mad jokes).

But what I didn’t know is that Mr. Legend, real name John Stephens, also went to the University of Pennsylvania. Then upon graduation, he began working as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. Now those are interesting side notes that most people might not know. But for me, the thing that stuck out the most about his speech (long, I know but very worth it) was his grind, his passion to never give up on what he truly wanted to do. And the thing that kept him going and still does to this day…is the word LOVE…in all of its many forms. No, I’m not going to get all sappy on you. But I did think that this is a pretty great listen to start your day.


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