Chris Rock once famously said “There’s no sex in the champagne room”, well someone should have told this Houston man that there’s also NO REFUNDS…

Wait, what are the chances that Robert Wallace, the guy who’s “In Love with a Stripper” is somehow related to Randy Wallace, the reporter doing the interview? I know Wallace is a very common last name, but still…that would be pretty funny.

I love the edit on this, from “Nomi” saying “we did become friends…” to Mr. T-Pain responding with “We did have a dating relationship…”.

Just a hunch, but I don’t think my dude is getting back his 2 G’s, his laptop or his DVD’s. Poor guy is going to have to buy back his “40 Year Old Virgin” blu-ray. Listen man, I get it a lot of dudes go to strip clubs, I’m not knocking it…but C’Mon Man, to quote the wise words of Killa Cam “Sucker for love…Mmm Mmm…Sucker for love”

In the end, shout out to “Nomi” and her wise words “I don’t believe in loans, because I don’t wanna pay anybody back”. Wise words to live by if you ask me.




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