New Music Video: Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake “Love Never Felt So Good”

Timbaland and L.A Reid were given the task of executive producing Michael Jackson’s 2nd posthumous album, titled Xscape. This is the second project to be put out by the Jackson estate in association with Sony Music Entertainment since the passing of the King of Pop in June of 2009. The album was released on Tuesday with 8 tracks and a deluxe version also available bringing the total track listing to 17 songs. On the entire project there is only one other artist featured and you guest it Mr. J-Timberlake himself.

To me, I like it for the first single. It sounds like that old soulful MJ that Pharrell and Bruno Mars spent the last two summers straight jackin’. Now as for the video, I really like the concept of re-imagining classic Michael Jackson videos. But I think the execution works better for some more than others (Black and White = good, Thriller = weak-sauce).

Also Justin Timberlake’s involvement seems like it was a very delicate issue (as it should be). At first I thought it looked like he was only made available for about an hour and so they had to rush to shoot his scenes. I mean he didn’t even dance that much; he barely even did a simple pop and lock. But then again on second thought, maybe that’s the point. You don’t want JT to be featuring in a Michael Jackson song and have it come off in any way shape or form like he’s trying to steal the show (or MJ’s moves for that matter). And so if that’s the case, then I’m all for it.  I know there’s a weird subplot to this with people profiting off of a dead man’s unreleased work (especially when we’re dealing with greasy ass dudes like Jermaine Jackson and company), but that might be a conversation for another day (or podcast, trust me Season Two #OnBlast starts sooner than you think…)

But in the end, I dare you to watch this video and not immediately bob your head or break into a simple two step. This song just makes me think of family BBQ’s in the summer and breaking out a track like this so that your aunties and uncles start breaking out their old school moves. Ah yes, summer time…warm weather…remember when that was a thing in Toronto? Me neither…

As always, just my thoughts. Right or wrong, just what I’m feeling at the time.


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