As per usual late night tv didn’t waste any time in getting in their best one liners as it didn’t take long to realize that this “news” coverage has jumped the shark.
Which is why first off, I didn’t want to write about this.  I really didn’t, because to be honest my first reaction after watching this video was simply “bitches be crazy…whatever” (And before, someone takes that statement the wrong way.  No, all women are not bitches and Yes, a man can most definitely be a bitch…)
But back to TMZ doing exactly what TMZ does.  We have absolutely no idea about the context of Solange’s new found “beef” with Jay Z and we probably never will.  In fact, we have a better chance of Donald Sterling’s next interview being with Charlamagne and the Breakfast Club, than we do of ever finding out why Beyonce’s younger and less talented sister is so mad at Hov.
In fact, I don’t even really care why Solange is that mad at Jay Z, because well…its Solange…she’s irrelevant.  This might be semantics, but I’m way more interested in why Queen Bey didn’t “check” her sister or her husband depending on what actually happened.  I mean, Jay’s in full out Money Mayweather defence mode trying to block all of Solange’s flailing limbs and so how someone can remain that calm and cool while their sister and husband are going at it.  In the end, who knows and as I said we’ll probably never learn the truth about what actually happened.  But my takeaway from this is that TMZ STAYS WINNING and the Internet in 2014 can be pretty funny.  The Twitter hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange is outstanding, but some of these memes actually made me laugh out loud.  Enjoy and bravo internet:


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No official word, but I’m sure Drake is somewhere right now lint rolling himself in the studio trying to figure out how many words he can rhyme with Solange.
As always, just my thoughts, right or wrong…just how I’m feeling at the time…
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