Michael Jordan Trash Talks Kobe? Wait of course he does…

One of the easiest ways to start an argument with a basketball fan is to try and say that someone, anyone is better than Michael Jordan. As LeBron James closes in on his chance for a 3-Peat, expect even more MJ vs LBJ debates in the very near future. But for many, the debate still lies between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, Kobe gave us a little insight into the sometimes chirp filled relationship that he shares with the one, the only, Michael Jeffery Jordan.   Side note how much would you pay do be a fly on the wall during that conversation?  Now Kobe may have roasted Mike late in his career but lets be serious, no one really counts anything MJ did in a Wizards uniform right?  So that begs the question, in their primes who would win in a one on one game between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan?


And for the record, THIS is the best thing to ever happen to a Michael Jordan Washington Wizards jersey:






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