Kanye West Debuts “Bound 2” Video on Ellen

What was the budget on this shoot? $150?  I’m almost sure that the Rob Ford Crack Video has more production value than this does.  The fake backdrop, the phony motorcycle riding.  The bike that Kanye’s on shakes like the ones that you put a quarter in and kids ride at the supermarket.

Then to on top of that, Ye’s clothes look like they’re from a thrift shop.  But I guess this passes for fashion now a days?  My dude is wearing a plaid shirt, with a different plaid patterned vest on top.  Then in some shots, he has a fur vest on top of his layered plaid get up.  This before mentioning his tie dye shirt that’s filled with holes?!?!  I’m not even going to try to pretend to understand his look through the eyes of a fashion expert, so I decided to ask one for her thoughts in 140 characters or less.

Anyways; in the end, once again it’s Kanye being Kanye, trolling us all.  I still love the song, the video is pretty wack. BUT, Kim K looks HELLA DOPE (#FactsOnly); and I mean it is kind of funny that Kanye decides that a video that blatantly depicts him having sex on a motorcycle with a half naked Kim Kardashian, should debut on of all shows…Ellen…let that sink in for second…soccer moms and all.
– Sheldon
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