Rob Ford: The Crack Saga Continues

Now you know shit is serious when Wolf Blitzer is talking about Toronto’s mayor on CNN. But to be honest, I’m so pissed off that Toronto right now isn’t known for the Leafs or Drake or the Biebs frequenting Brazilian whorehouses. Nope, right now Toronto is the centre of the universe because of one man and one man only.

Rob Fuckin’ Ford


(Yes that is how I’m going to refer to this jackass until he steps down and stops embarrassing my city). Yes our loveable loser mayor was the butt of all jokes across late night television last night in the United States of America:

When you think of all of the ridiculous things that Rob Fuckin’ Ford (I’m going to make this work) has said during his run, who would have thought that he could top it off by admitting to smoking crack with the excuse of it being “during one of my drunken stupors”. Then blaming the media for asking the wrong questions? WTF!!!! This dude is on CRACK FOR REAL!!!

Honestly, Rob Ford for me entered the “Tyson Zone” (Shout out to Bill Simmons by the way)…a LONG time ago, as no Ford headline would ever surprise me ever again. Or so I thought….

You mean to tell me, that after admitting to having “drunken stupors” in public. And after years of denying the Danforth/Leaf game/St.Patrick’s Day/Sarah Thompson ass grab…slash the many other times he’s been “Bum Drunk” in public, this jackass is actually using his “stupors” as an excuse for SMOKING CRACK!!! I’m not sure how one justifies the other, but people in this city are letting him slide. His approval rating is up, my wall on “The Book of Faces” has people STILL defending him and I actually watched a streeter interview in “Ford Nation” yesterday in which a women described the mayor as “delightfully human”….WTF?!?! Maybe smoking crack is far more common in this city than I thought.

I used to think that people who still supported Rob Ford had to be stupid, but now I think those same people are just MASSIVELY UNINFORMED….which is just as sad. I mean, the signs were there all along to know that he was up to something. His association with Lisi, the photo outside of the trap house. (Seriously, what excuse do you have as a mayor for frequenting a trap house?) His drunken pictures at city events, the fact that The Star & Gawker reported the Crack tape story in the first place. I mean, there’s no way they report that story unless the lawyers were involved to make sure that everything was legit. (Shout out to Robyn Doolittle by the way, holla at me girl…)

Clearly we’re dealing with a man that has questionable judgement. His bumbling admission – or as I said on twitter yesterday (@ShelAlexander shameless plug) – anything less than Rob Ford stepping down is completely and utterly unacceptable. And guess what….

HE’S NOT STEPPING DOWN!!!! this jerk won’t even take a phony leave of absence? I don’t know what to think anymore. Ford has made us a laughing stock and yet somehow is gaining support? I’m so confused….

It’s sad to say but Rob Fuckin’ Ford, might have actually been better off if he had just used Rick James’ line of defence:

Let us know what you think….as we will continue to put Rob Ford #OnBlast



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