Russell Brand’s Political Revolution #OnBlast


When I hear the name Russell Brand, I think of 3 things:

1) A pretty funny comedian with a GREAT accent.  

2) I surprisingly enjoyed the movies Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek. 

3) He was fortunate enough to be married to this: 


Now would be as great a time as any to mention the greatest facebook group page ever created:

But back to Russell Brand….

I honestly had no idea that he was this politically tuned in, but recently he was the guest editor for a British current affairs magazine called The New Statesman.  Brand wrote a 4500 word essay on the topic of a revolution.  But of course in this era of consumption in which the majority of people get their news in 140 characters or less…Brand’s essay got lost in the shuffle.  That is, until this interview with BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman:

First off, is it possible to for us to get Jeremy Paxman and ship back that jerk Piers Morgan?

Anyways, this to me compares to the Kanye West/Zane Lowe interview, in the sense that Kanye and Brand are both using their celebrity platforms to speak on social issues…but most people write them off right away as being “Crazy”.  Now that is something that pisses me off so much…but I digress (I’ll save that rant for an #OnBlast video segment…I promise, the videos will be back!!!)

This is my main point though. I honestly disagree with Brand because my opinion has always been that you can’t complain about a democratic system and then not vote.  It makes no sense to me.   BUT I will say that the dude makes some VERY good points, that really made me re-think my stance.  Maybe its just me and how my brain works, but I love reading/watching/talking about things that make me think.  I love hearing different point of views and even if I disagree, at least the conversation is had.  To me that is something that is lacking in this generation of “Sheep Media and Entertainment”.  Everything is put through the same corporate, media spin cycle and honest, true and REAL discussions are rarely had ….and thus consumed by an uneducated majority.

I mean think about this for a second.  How many people do you know over the past few years that have said something along the lines of “Rob Ford is a moron”…and yet somehow, someway I would bet a lot of money that Rob Ford gets re-elected as the mayor of the city that I love and call home. I mean seriously, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?  Our conservative Prime Minister is in the middle of a Senate Scandal.  Our Liberal Premier of Ontario is still trying to cover up the Gas Plant saga, despite not being able to spell the word “Government” and best of all Rob Ford has now been the Mayor of Canada’s greatest city for 3 YEARS!!!!

Maybe Russell Brand has a point, the revolution is coming and is desperately needed.

Anyways, let us know what you think in the comment section or twitter using the hashtag #OnBlast

(And for the record…”I don’t pop Molly or Rep Rob Ford” #HovaVoice)

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