Domestic Partnerships: During Sports Seasons



The more I age, I realize that life becomes more about compromises. It’s not a bad thing, as it encourages one to think a bit more critically about everyday decisions. Decisions like – Popeye’s Fried Chicken or a salad for lunch. One is delicious and guaranteed to give me the shits + a heart problem, while the other will undoubtedly leave me hungry and make no impact on my waistline whatsoever. So critically thinking about my lunch in that respect, a compromise needs to be in order…. Popeye’s two-piece, no biscuit, with a side salad?

Food is a bad example for me since I’m north of 200 lbs. on a light day. Where I’m going with this is that for the first time, I’ve had to consciously think about what sporting events I want to watch, and where.  By no means am I living under a dictatorship – it’s just that now, I share the TV bill with someone else, and as adults – there needs to be some kind of order so my girlfriend doesn’t have to a come home full of dudes smelling like fried chicken and beer. At the same time – I don’t want to have plans to watch a live event on the tele only to find the OWN network has a marathon of Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag. BTW, they would catch….

SO – both my girlfriend and I are sensible people, therefore  being proactive in searching for a solution for TV time during the fall sports season needs to happen. There’s the NFL, NBA, LEAFS (!), and the end of the F1 season that all take up my sports attention in the fall, and there’s no way that I can see all of it. I don’t have all the channels for one, and my PVR doesn’t have all the space. Secondly – I kind of don’t have the time to simply sit on my ass all Sunday and watch 12 hours of NFL coverage… who gives a shit about the Jacksonville Jaguars anyways?

WHAT TO DO?  Enter the 21st century and the Google calendar. I’m setting up a shared calendar with my girlfriend specifically pertaining to the sporting events that I want to watch. Seems easy right? Here’s where it starts to get interesting…

Have you ever looked critically at an NFL schedule and had to hand pick the games that you want to watch? Shit’s a lot harder than it looks. If you had to pick two games in a week – say one is of the team you mostly follow, and a second purely for enjoying the game (I may be the only remaining human who does that) – how easy would it be for you to pick which ones to watch?

It’s been a challenge for me – here’s how it’s breaking down:

NHL – Leafs – without question. I don’t even watch other teams play. Only Leafs games. Even still, I may select the odd mid-week game, but ensure Saturday night is clear for HNIC (shout out to Prodigy) through the season.

NFL – This is the hardest one for me. I don’t follow any particular team anymore, simply because it makes for watching shitty football, or hanging out with shitty fans (hey Steelers fans, name me one of your beloved QB’s outside of Big Ben, Slash, and Terry Bradshaw. Good luck). With this situation – I’m purely looking for entertaining games. The Detroit v. Washington game earlier this season was a good example – tied for most of the 2nd half, decent finish… that’s whats up. Those can be tough to spot well in advance though, so for now, I’m looking at Seahawks, Niners, Broncos, and believe it or not – KC. This can all change in a heartbeat though… until Toronto gets an NFL team.

NBA – Probably the sport I’ve watched the most in my lifetime – with this season looking to be a good one, minus the Raptors. I usually reserve my necessary basketball watching to the early spring where playoff races begin to take shape. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to seeing D-Rose back in Chicago, the battle of NY ball teams, Clips, and basically anyone that can take it to Miami.

F1 – Not many people get the appeal of F1. I’m not going to try and explain or convince you – you’re either with it or not  (Go see Rush in theatres – may get the jam going). But this is the main reason why I got my pvr, since most of the races are out of our time zone. This will simply require me to wake up earlier on a weekend and junk out with race cars and coffee in my gitch. It’s quite the simple pleasure.

Give it a shot! Create a Google calendar and share with your significant other. I promise you the hardest part will be picking the games you want to see from the ones you would just casually watch. After you get over that hump – you may just have a happier co-existence with your mate…

Taking inspiration from Bunny Colvin in season 3 of The Wire on his briefing on the Hamsterdam project: “….There’s never been a paper bag for sports watching, until now.”


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