Kanye being Kanye

Last night was the Album Listening party for Pusha T’s upcoming record titled “My Name is My Name” (I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM BY THE WAY).  Kanye got on the mic and blessed the crowd with a swear filled rant, like only Yeezus can.
My favorite line is “…I’m on that GOOSE right now…I might get LOOSE right now”  (Come on now, we’ve all been there right…)
Seriously though, Kanye is on a roll right now.  His appearance on Fallon was DOPE.  Most people will say that their favorite song on Yeezus is Bound 2, so it was cool to see him perform this track live.  Shout out to the kid choir in the back, Charlie Wilson AND THE ROOTS!!!!
“Brady little sister lame and he know it now…when a real brotha hold you down, you supposed to drown”  Ouch Ray J… #ShotsFired
I love THIS Kanye and I can’t wait to see THIS Kanye at the ACC on Nov. 12!!! (tickets go on sale today by the way).  But this week that was in the life of Kanye makes me wonder….
Who the heck is this dude:
That interview from the (very short lived) Kris Jenner show was almost like she made a “Weird-Ass-Bizarro-Kardashian-Klone (the “K” is intentional)” version of Kanye.  I know he’s a father now and I guess he’s in love with (the Kardashian that will not be named), but the Kanye that’s “On that GOOSE…”  is way more entertaining.  Well I guess the Goose or that Hennessey, can’t forget about the Henn Rock and Taylor Swift right…
– Sheldon
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