Jimmy Kimmel wins the internet

Now lets think about this for a second.  A late night talk show host makes up a skit, posts it online.  About 2 months later, Miley Cyrus’ ratchet performance at the VMA’s somehow makes “twerking” a major topic of discussion within the mainstream media.  So my guess is, during “Middle America’s” sudden swarm to their computers, tablets or phones to google the term “Twerking”, Jimmy Kimmel’s undercover bit was discovered.  Now less than a week and 9 MILLION VIEWS later, here we are.
Now if you work for a “NEWS” organization, my guess is that you should research your content before putting it on “THE NEWS”…which is supposed to come with the innate understanding that what you’re watching is REAL.  But we as viewers also play a role in this as well, as we should be DEMANDING MORE from our news no?
Its like Kimmel says at the end of the video:
“it’s a good thing there’s nothing happening in Syria right now”
Forget about “Twerk Fail” to me this is a MEDIA FAIL.  Where is Will McAvoy when you need him…
“some call it hate, I call it real talk…just how I’m feeling at the time”
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