LeBron: Above the Law? …Boss or Not?

The #OnBlast crew discuss LeBron James and his recent police escort to the Jay Z/JT concert. Where do you draw the line between cool and ballin vs. douchy and embarrassing? We share our thoughts, and DL shares his thoughts on this segment overall.

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2 thoughts on “LeBron: Above the Law? …Boss or Not?

  1. Laura Jane says:

    It was the 24-hr DJ video that made me say that. It just seemed totally douchey to be like, “Check out my 24-hr DJ playing as I sit here by myself with no friends…” I guess it kinda made me laugh too.

  2. Rohan Ramsay says:

    LeBron James is a petulant child hellbent on stunting before his legacy validates it. THERE.

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