Shots Fired: Kendrick Lamar just lost a few Christmas cards

Kendrick Lamar King

Last night Kendrick Lamar shattered the fragile egos of a few established and upcoming rappers with the release of Control, featuring Big Sean and another guy whose verse I skipped.

Now, if someone didn’t shit in Kendrick’s Corn Flakes yesterday morning, that’s news to Kendrick. On the track, he goes hard for 3 minutes and most of that energy is directed at a dozen or so of his competitors.

Mr. Lamar even proclaims to be the King of New York, despite being from the west coast. While Kendrick may be a product of geography class in America, he’s clearly making a statement. What is that statement?

“NY rappers need to step up.”

Kendrick’s debut album last year (Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City) was generally rated anywhere from “brilliant” to “a classic”, but this is still a rapper in his infancy. While hip-hop has never been a place to breed modesty, is this a bit too much too soon? What do you think of Kendrick flipping off his peers?

Check out the track and let us know your thoughts.

Fun fact: Kendrick Lamar’s full name is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. I’m sure a rapper or two could get some mileage out of that. 

– Ryan

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