JAY Z – J-T: Legends of Summer Tour


Sheldon (@ShelAlexander):
First off, the crowd was 90-95 percent girls. I honestly felt like Ed Reed in the secondary, my head was on a swivel there were so many girls (I love Toronto in the summer by the way).

I enjoyed Justin a lot more than I thought I would. Dude is super talented and he didn’t even really seem to be trying (if that makes sense). The way he subbed in for Pharrell or sang New York, New York or played instruments showed how truly gifted he really is…and again this all seemed effortless.

Now on to Jay. To me at the beginning when they were going song for song, the crowd erupted for Justin and then Jay would have to “catch up” to bring the crowd back. Only to me, he never really did.

My highlight was the “Clique, FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt, PSA” run. But overall, the show made me yearn for another Watch The Throne show. Jay can’t be wasting time doing “Song Cry”, that’s for when he has a full show to himself and needs to kill time.

But with that said I had the most fun people watching. How many old couples did you see where the husbands that were clearly dragged to the show, while the wives were mesmerized every time JT stepped on stage. But the phenomenon led to this gem from husband beside me
“If he doesn’t do dick in a box, then this show is a complete waste of time” I laughed, but dude was dead serious.

The flip side of that were the girls behind me that knew every single word to every Justin song. Then out of no where homegirl got pissed when Jay did “Tom Ford” because
“I can’t believe he didn’t even give me enough time to learn all the lyrics…its not fair” I loved her energy, she was hype!

When Jay was on I felt like I was the only one close by that knew his songs, but then out of no where, JT girl behind me belts out every single word from Jay’s verse on Clique…N-Bombs and all. It was actually pretty funny.

But in the end I needed something, ANYTHING off of Watch the Throne (and where was Picasso Baby? or Oceans by the way) My overall feeling is that this show for Jay was a reflection of MCHG. Its good, but way closer to being just alright, than it is to being great. Both the album and concert seemed unfinished and/or rushed. Jay is super talented and sometimes that talent allows him to get away with taking the easy road, which in this case was playing the radio hits to placate to a JT heavy crowd.

But to me the best parts of Jay Z shows are the way that he engages the audience. The way that he controls crowd and the way that he makes them a part of the show. I remember him shouting out audience members for their outfits, telling the crowd they weren’t ready for Big Pimpin’ and that they needed to make more noise before the song started. Or my favorite, jokingly scrolling though his catalog, playing just the chorus of a track, letting the crowd get hype before causally saying “next” as the DJ went on to an even better classic Hov track.

To me it was those little things that would win over non-Hova fans in their first experience with the God MC, but would also validate his gangster to the die hards. Just my thoughts, right or wrong…just what I’m feeling at the time.

What did you think?


I agree on some points, and disagree on others. In general, this was a ‘level 3’ Jay Z concert (out of 5). Where a ‘1’ is he’s appearing at an awards show, or just dropping a verse on a Beyonce performance, and a 5 being Hova at Yankee Stadium, or MSG.

A level 3 Jay Z concert is a calculated effort, where he doesn’t have to go to hard, as it is a very long tour, and he is (let’s face it) getting old. Actually, its the first time ever that I’ve heard Jay stumble on a word or two in a couple songs… inevitable – but its cray how I’ve never seen that happen in the now 6 or 7 times I’ve seen him live.

But back to the Level 3 – its mostly cuz he knows a lot of people will be coming to see JT – and the worst thing that can happen is that you start performing Can I Live and 20,000 out of the 50,000 that are there don’t know the words (#DualLevelLikeDuplexes). Even then, the four of us were the only ones in our section literally yelling out all the Jay lyrics along with him.. people moved away from me actually – was nice.

The main thing that pissed me off about the show though, was the sound. The Rogers Centre is so bad since its a circle, and has a very high ceiling, On top of that, they didn’t (I’m getting real nerdy here) delay and set the speakers up in a way that you could hear the bass drive all the way to the back. I was pretty disappointed in that to be honest.

Also – I think Jay needs to give up on that crowd interacting bit with Jigga what, jigga who… Also don’t think a lot of people knew that song when he busted that one out…

BUT – at the end of the day, I got drunk, yelling out Jay lyrics with him – and blazed a tree at my seat and did not get kicked out. Therefore, a well worth win – #TomFord… whatever that means.

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